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Word of the Day – Proactive

By Cynthia Saarie

     If there is one thing I know, it is how to be a self-starter. No one else is going to get me to work on my career. No one else is going to keep me focused and on point. It is only me, and so, I have found I have to be my own coach in becoming Proactive.

     Find your Niche. Practice by re-writing someone else’s million-dollar copy… all great platitudes, but they don’t add up to anything if not put into practice. No one is going to stand next to you and make you study and practice.

     So how do I become Proactive?

     I have two items staring me in the face every morning. A filled-out calendar with all the items colorized to easily see what is on the schedule for that day, and Post-it notes posted everywhere.

     I should have stock in Post-it notes. I go through about 20+ a day.

     I have them posted and driving my husband crazy. He is a good sport and understands that they keep me moving forward.

     Those notes remind me I must pick up Mom’s laundry basket, buy her some groceries and still remember to take my Mom her cleaned laundry and food. I get so busy writing on my computer; I might forget if not having gone to the restroom and seeing the note on the mirror. Oops, sorry Mom, I’ll be right over…

     NOTE: Bring Mom her cleaned clothes and grocery items.

     My Proactive notes keep me on target for getting my newsletter written, including the poem of the month lesson, the favorite posts my followers liked, and of course, the actual posting of those daily posts.

     My Proactive notes remind me I have a webinar scheduled every Thursday night, a course that will finish my certification as a Lay Minister. The daily assignments I must complete in order to be a Proactive student and to ensure my work is done and ready for examination.

     Looking at the clock, NOTE: Make something for dinner.

     Oh, yeah. My husband, that is so understanding, will be home from his part-time job soon, and will probably like something to eat. Plus, the cat that just woke up wants food, too.

     I love being Proactive. Amazon Prime loves me, too. I order more Post-it notes because tomorrow is another day working hard at being Proactive.

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