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First We Need to Chat about What You Want to Accomplish - What Your Business Needs... A Video? An Ebook? A Monthly Newsletter? A Weekly Article or Blog Post? 

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The Many Hats Cynthia Wears

Most people don't know how many different hats I wear.  A soprano vocalist, a voiceover artist & professional speaker, an award-winning published author & copywriter, a certified Lay Minister, & a senior citizen bone-building exercise instructor!

I Write Ebooks For Business

I have my own bookstore! I will write an ebook for Your Business to use as a bonus promotional item, or to give away, or as a freebie for signing up on your email list! Check out some of the ebooks I've written here.
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Finding the Golden Nuggets in Your Business

Cynthia needs time to poke and pull and prod at your business product or service until she's found the very essence and gems discovered and laid bare. This is where the magic begins.

Copy Discovery is an Art

It is not an easy thing to do and not everyone can see those gems. But - once Cynthia discovers that beautiful golden nugget... She will showcase that Gold in Your Business to the world!  Below is a sample product description.

Varied Skills Used to Build Your Business Campaigns

Full or Partial Campaigns: Video Scripts, Email & Product Pages, Newsletters, Ebooks, Long-form Sales & VSLs, PP decks, Webinars, Commercial Ads for Radio/TV, Case Studies, Testimonials, White Papers

Can Cynthia Do it All?

Yes - & No, Cynthia is NOT Superwoman, but I can do Most types of copy & I have many years of experience working hard with companies in all of these areas.  Check out my Pricing, FAQs, & Sample pages.

Let's Talk About White Papers!

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Interested in finding out more about a White Paper for a product, service, or event that is coming up in your near future? It doesn’t have to be in an ebook format. I can add colorful pictures, sidebar boxes, and all the bells and whistles you need to convince a potential buyer they want to do business with your company. Most White Papers start about $2500 for a 5-8 page document or ebook. You can email me on this link or go to my contact page and schedule time to speak on Calendly. 

Enable Your Marketing & Sales team to Sell More Services & Products. How?

Give Your Marketing & Sales Team the World Series of Tool Boxes.

World Series Sales Tool Box

In Case You Were Wondering…

Sample of Battle Cards Business Sales People Use:

Profile of my target customer: Jerry, age 47, Manager of a mid-sized hotel restaurant. Jerry is white, middle-class, and has a bachelor’s degree in the travel and tourism industry. The hotel is in the downtown district of a mid-sized city and has 400 rooms. The restaurant serves mainly businesspeople – breakfast, lunch, and dinner for its hotel and surrounding neighborhood patrons. The restaurant has an experienced chef and kitchen staff. This restaurant averages 200 breakfasts each day.

JERRY NEEDS to approve and purchase a new heavy-duty toaster for the busy restaurant he manages: This is a fake company, restaurant, hotel, etc., and a fake product. This is only an example to explain Battle Cards and their possible uses and my ability to write for your company. 🙂

BATTLE CARD Copy for Your Sales Teams: 

Elevator pitch:

Advantage Kitchenware has developed a countertop toaster

(Emotional Appeal)

that can make toast the way your customers desire –

Light, Medium, and Dark. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the right

toasted levels with our unique buttons. No dials to mess with…

(Overall Benefit)

So, You won’t have toast slices ending up in the trash – costing you money!

Restaurants are in business to make money, not throw it away, and Advantage Kitchenware Toasters make Breakfast the way Your Customers want it.


Features & Benefits:  Benefits + Lists 


  1. Advantage Kitchenware Toasters are rugged, heavy-duty toasters able to stand up to a busy kitchen staff’s daily use.
  2. Your restaurant is in business to make money. Our toasters are built to withstand harsh disinfectants and cleansers needed to meet the sanitation laws in your State.


  1. Heavy-duty construction for reliable, continued use.
  2. Stainless steel parts and components – able to withstand industrial cleansers and antibacterial disinfectants.
  3. Unique buttons for exacting levels of toasting.
  4. Up to 500 slices of toast per hour, all sizes accommodated.
  5. Toasting at temperatures 25% cooler than similar toasters.


Conversational copy for two of the main features:

Precise and targeted toasting:

  1. I understand you’re confused about our targeted toasting feature. Advantage Kitchenware Toasters placed exacting buttons, removing the guesswork caused by trying to adjust dials for the right “doneness” of your toast. Resulting in Happy and fully satisfied breakfast customers, because the toast came out perfectly toasted with the rest of their breakfast order.
  2. I’m sorry you’re having to discuss with your staff about trash cans being filled with burned toast. Advantage Kitchenware Toasters are designed with three distinct and clearly marked buttons: Light, Medium, and Dark. We make sure your bread is not wasted in a trash can anymore.


  1. Heavy-duty design:
  2. Yes, our Advantage Kitchenware Toaster is made out of stainless-steel. How many times does your staff take apart your current toaster to clean it, only to find the parts are super-hot, rusting, or worse, falling apart? Our toasters stand the test of time and are easily disassembled and reassembled for daily cleaning and use.
  3. The difference is: Our two-year parts warranty guarantees your Advantage Kitchenware Toaster will stand up to an energetic and sometimes rough handling of your wait staff as they hurry through your breakfast rush each morning. It’s heavy-duty stainless-steel construction is tough enough for everyone to use, and sometimes abuse! Safety is on everyone’s mind and our toaster will be able to withstand those harsh chemicals and antibacterial cleansers.


Conversational responses for 3 prospect Objections:


  • Incorrect Assumptions
  • Mountain out of a molehill
  • A True Disadvantage compared to the competition


Q 1) Your Toaster is expensive:

Mountain out of a Molehill:

  1. Yes, our toaster may cost more than others you’ve looked at recently, and what a headache it is looking through the different models available. Our toasters may cost a little more than the competition, but with our reliability and two-year warranty, you’ll be certain it will stand up to the rigorous cleaning and use by your busy kitchen staff. When you want a reliable, heavy-duty stainless-steel workhorse, you can rely on Advantage Kitchenware Toasters.

Incorrect Assumptions:

  1. I understand that you’re concerned you’ll make the right choice and not waste your money on a premium model. Our Advantage Kitchenware Toasters have gone through extensive testing for durability and safety when working in a fast-paced restaurant. We ensure your toast comes out just the way your customers want, eliminating filling your trash cans with toast and wasting money.

Q 2) Your competitor’s toaster has a dial:

Incorrect Assumptions:

  1. There is a difference between knowing dials work well for dimmer switches on your restaurant’s lighting, but not well for the desired toasting levels of toast, especially for different thicknesses of breads. Our buttons are clearly marked: Light, Medium, and Dark. This ensures your thick-sliced bagel is lightly toasted, and the next in line English muffin set for Medium – comes out medium!

Mountain out of a Molehill:

  1. I understand, but unlike your bartenders, your breakfast staff can’t stand there at the toaster trying to get the correct “Done-ness” and having to throw it away because the dial set at Medium came out burned. Wasting bread doesn’t make you money and holding up the eggs, because you have to re-do the toast, doesn’t make your customers happy. Instead, we took that problem out of the equation with our clearly marked buttons.

Q 3) Your toaster is heavy:

Incorrect Assumption:

  1. Yes, I know you can’t spend money every year or every other year because the durability of the toaster you purchased didn’t stand up to the wear and tear your staff put upon that machine. Advantage Kitchenware Toasters are built with stainless-steel, it isn’t a light-weight material, but it stands up to the daily abuse of toasting hundreds of orders for your wait staff trying to get those hungry patrons fed and out the door. Our toaster will stand up to your fast and furious breakfast business producing perfectly toasted slices for your hungry breakfast crowd.

A True Disadvantage:

  1. I understand you hate it when you have to ask two strong people in your kitchen to lift the toaster onto your countertop. But that’s not a bad option when you know our stainless-steel construction handles up to 500 slices an hour, toasting it to the perfect “Doneness.” The heavy metal in this toaster will hold up under daily dishwasher cleaning, harsh cleansers, and the everyday bumping and bruising the staff puts your appliances through every day.