Some of Cynthia's Services


What Cynthia Can Do For Your Business

First We Need to Chat about What You Want to Accomplish - What Your Business Needs... A Video? An Ebook? A Monthly Newsletter? A Weekly Article or Blog Post? 

Need a Short 1-Minute Promotional Video for Social Media?

Here's One Cynthia Uses for Her Own Business.
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The Many Hats Cynthia Wears

Most people don't know how many different hats I wear.  A soprano vocalist, a voiceover artist & professional speaker, an award-winning published author & copywriter, a certified Lay Minister, & a senior citizen bone-building exercise instructor!

I Write Ebooks For Business

I have my own bookstore! I will write an ebook for Your Business to use as a bonus promotional item, or to give away, or as a freebie for signing up on your email list! Check out some of the ebooks I've written here.
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If Your Business has a Copy Project... Contact Cynthia Soon!

Finding the Golden Nuggets in Your Business

Cynthia needs time to poke and pull and prod at your business product or service until she's found the very essence and gems discovered and laid bare. This is where the magic begins.

Copy Discovery is an Art

It is not an easy thing to do and not everyone can see those gems. But - once Cynthia discovers that beautiful golden nugget... She will showcase that Gold in Your Business to the world!  Below is a sample product description.

Varied Skills Used to Build Your Business Campaigns

Full or Partial Campaigns: Video Scripts, Email & Product Pages, Newsletters, Ebooks, Long-form Sales & VSLs, PP decks, Webinars, Commercial Ads for Radio/TV, Case Studies, Testamonials, White Papers

Can Cynthia Do it All?

Yes - & No, Cynthia is NOT Superwoman, but I can do Most types of copy & I have many years of experience working hard with companies in all of these areas.  Check out my Pricing, FAQs, & Sample pages.

Enable Your Marketing & Sales team to Sell More Services & Products. How?

Give Your Marketing & Sales Team the World Series of Tool Boxes.

World Series Sales Tool Box

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