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You have a business. Your Business

Needs to be Seen. You Need a Professional Copywriter.

My name is Cynthia Saarie, I will help You with: ​​

  • a Commercial Script (approx. 35 - 55 words) (30 seconds - $350+)

  • a Commercial Script (approx. 75 - 125 words) (60 seconds -  $675+)

  • a Commercial Script  (approx. 1000 - 1100 words) (5 minutes - $1500+)

  • a Commercial Script (approx. 2000 + words) (10 minutes - $2500+)

  • E-Booklets - Your Article Transposed into an E-Booklet (one or two images with up to one backlink on each page, front  3-D cover with Your Name or Company logo, $175 for four - ten pages (plus the front and back covers), 200 to 1300 words,  $325 eleven to fifteen pages, 1301 to 1999 words, $575 sixteen to twenty pages approx. 2000 to 3000 words, $875 twenty-one to thirty pages  3001-4000 words) This is for Your Own Original Article Only.

  • Different Pricing if I am writing and producing the E-Booklet, Call or Email for Pricing. (Add approx. $400 per pricing for each level if I am writing, researching and producing the E-Booklet.)

  • a Newsletter or Blog Post (150 - 700 words) ($150 - $325 - $550+) Discounts for multi-month contracts.

  • an Article for your Magazine/Newsletter (500 - 2500 words) ($350 - $550 - $950+) Discounts for multi-month contracts.  ​​

  • a Hard Copy Printed Sales Letter (1 page = 500 words single spaced) (2 - 6 pages or larger 300 - 2000  words) ($950 - $1500 - $3500+/Plus minimum 3% royalty in perpetuity, negotiable)

  •  an E-Mail Sales Letter (1 page = 500 words single spaced) ($350+ - 100 words - $550+ - 500 words -  $850+ - 1000 words /Plus minimum 3% royalty in perpetuity, negotiable)

All Prices Are Subject to Change - Depending on Size, Research, Preparation and Deadline.

My Pricing is based on Your Business, the size of your project, the research and preparation required, (pictures, travel, distance of travel) the type of project, (Commercial Script Copy, Newsletter, Sales Letter, Article, etc., and the submission deadlines.)

All articles are Labeled: "Publisher's First Rights Only " unless arranged with Cynthia ahead of time.  

Cynthia's Commercial Voiceover Work for script copy is negotiated on a separate fee scale and contract. Ask for proposal details. Projects written and voiced by Cynthia are discounted.

First time Discounts for Churches, Non-Profits, (50%) and all other 1st Time Clients, (25%) and 25% off all Recurring Contracts of three or more months. All Projects will be Reviewed and a Proposal and Contract Signed Before Work Begins. 50% of Total Contracted Work is Due at Signing, the rest at the Client's Sign-Off of each deadline met, and the final payment at the Completion of the Project. Recurring contracts will be paid at the contract signing. 

Contracts cancelled before I begin writing will not incur a kill-fee. All contracts will have a kill-fee dependent upon how much time used, and what amount of copy has been written.  

My work comes with a 100% Guarantee. I write two revisions into every contract. Additional revisions will require a change order. Changes in the original signed contract will require a new contract and additional fees. All work is given a 60 day time frame to make the two revisions. After the two revisions, if you are not happy, I will refund all of your money. 

I want a great testimonial from you.

If you're not happy, I'm not happy.

PayPal and Major Credit Cards are Accepted. 

About Cynthia

Here’s the Kevin Roger’s, 60-Second Sales Hook

Hello, my name is Cynthia Saarie, and I’m a Commercial Script Copywriter for the B2B, B2C, Radio/TV, and Internet Webinars. Also, I write in print for Billboards, Newsletters, Articles, and Blogs marketplace.

Before I began Commercial Script Copywriting, I worked as a soprano vocalist, and voiceover artist. Commercial scriptwriters are used to the Cadence and Phrasing of sentences, that fit into an easy conversation. I have only seconds to Pack a Punch into the words a VO would be speaking. These words must Hang in the Air of the Minds of Prospective Customers, before their attention wanders elsewhere.

You have a Business, and You want Your Business to be Seen and Heard by Your Prospective Customers. You need professionally written Commercial Script Copy for what You and Your Business have to Offer Your Customers. Whatever form You choose to use Commercial Scripts, the Words I Write; will Hit Your Mark, and Make Your Point.

(Spoken in 58 seconds, I timed myself! 

PS, I still work as a vocalist and voiceover artist.)