• You are a small/new business
    Awesome! Small Businesses may not know where to start in the advertising world or have limited experience & funds. We can explore Lots of Ideas!

  • You've been in business for a while
    Let's look at your website & the image you bring your customers to see if there is more we can do for your business. Adding Video, Online sales?

  • Your website needs a new video
    Your Website, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn pages, LOVE Videos! Use them in your banner, in your Facebook Ads, or on the TV. I write video scripts for all sized businesses & I produce short videos for social media venues.

  • Let's check & see what your business needs
    Most businesses need articles for their newsletters or a product description. Many need pages for their website - including testimonials, editing help, & sales letters. We can chat about commercial ads, printed hard copy letters mailed to homes, new eyes on copy you have now & how to freshen it up to use again, & more!

  • What's it going to cost me?
    Don't freak out now! Copywriting is an art & I have an edge. I began as a vocalist & voiceover artist, I have the advantage of writing the ads I speak! When you want copy that delivers your customers to your website or through your doors - YOU need to respect the value professional copy brings to Your Business. I provide the professional extras that will catch their attention & hold it through to the sale. Each promotion I write has two revisions written in for any changes you desire. You can always go to & hire someone new. Or you can hire a pro. The old adage stands: You get what you pay for... pay for what works. PS: Most things are negotiable.