Frequently Asked Questions

  • You are a small/new business

    Awesome! Small Businesses may not know where to start in the advertising world or have limited experience & funds. We can explore Lots of Ideas!

  • You've been in business for a while

    Let's look at your website & the image you bring your customers to see if there is more we can do for your business. Adding Video, Online sales?

  • Your business needs extras to offer

    You have a great control product but need new "freebies" to give away? How about a new White Paper or Ebook? Case Study Ebooks in PDF form are easy to download!

  • Your website needs a new video

    Your Website, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn pages, LOVE Videos! Use them in your banner, in your Facebook Ads, or on the TV. I write video scripts for all sized businesses & I produce short videos for social media venues.

  • Let's check & see what your business needs

    Most businesses need articles for their newsletters or a product description. Many need pages for their website - including testimonials, editing help, & sales letters. We can chat about commercial ads, printed hard copy letters mailed to homes, new eyes on copy you have now & how to freshen it up to use again, & more!

  • What's it going to cost me?

    Don't freak out now! Copywriting is an art & I have an edge. I began as a vocalist & voiceover artist, I have the advantage of writing the ads I speak! When you want copy that delivers your customers to your website or through your doors - YOU need to respect the value professional copy brings to Your Business. I provide the professional extras that will catch their attention & hold it through to the sale. Each promotion I write has two revisions written in for any changes you desire. You can always go to Fiverr.com & hire someone new. Or you can hire a pro. The old adage stands: You get what you pay for... pay for what works. PS: Most things are negotiable.

  • Don't see your Question here?

    Everything can't be answered here... There's always room for more! If you have a question that you don't see a response for here, please contact me. We can discuss your special project and come up with a solution. There's no harm in asking, right?

Your FREE Guide PDF

This Free Guide will help us both when you set up your appointment to chat with me on my Contact Page through Calendly. It will show you the times I am available to schedule a 15, 30, or 60 minute chat with you about what Your Business Needs to Shine! Click the icon star above.

Starting at $2500 (5-8 pages.)

If you have a product, either new or re-branded, and have information you need to get out to other companies (B2B) or other consumers (B2C) you should consider using a White Paper. Usually, a 5-10 page very detailed informative paper that spells out every detail on the new product. Can be done in several formats. Most projects are scheduled 6-8 weeks. Schedule soon. 


What do you need for Your Business? Emails, Sales Letters, Blog Posts? Direct Response materials for Business are written to make the Sale NOW. There is a direct movement to buy at the end of each document written. If you need a sale, consider a Direct Response product. Prices vary depending on the service required. 


Newsletter Article/Blog


Email, Newsletters, Articles, and Blog Social Media posts are all an important part of business today. Depending on the length and frequency, I can provide a weekly or a monthly article or blog posting for your business to keep your customers informed about what your busin​ess is doing.

Did you see some of my archived newsletters? 

Discounts for all recurring contracts of three or more months.


Original Ebooks


Your idea with my research and copywriting skills to produce a reproduceable and downloadable pdf, in-color ebook, white paper, case study for your website to give away, as a freebie gift for signing up for your newsletter, or to list for sale, your choice.

Prices depend on length of ebook, research, and time-frame needed for delivery. You can see some of mine at https://sqrindle.com/author/cynthiasaarie

Please ask for a consultation. ​


Video & Printed Long-form Sales Letters


Depending on the size and length in minutes, a VSL (video sales letter), Emailed or Printed Hard copy Long-form Sales letter, Magalog, PowerPoint deck, or Webinar for your company's products or services can be the most effective way to secure a sale.

Every popular social media venue has ad after ad showing one product or another that can be purchased after watching a lengthy promotional video. Hard copy printed and emailed promotions are still extremely effective! Both email and snail mail are not dead!

I can help showcase your products/services, or a special event coming up you wish to broadcast in social media or through the postal route. This is for 5+ minute Video scripts, webinars, or Long-form Hard-copy sales Only. ​

Check out my Samples Page.


Video Package #1​


1-Minute Video Script for Your Business: Pricing includes Video Script written for One promotion with suggestions for musical background used. Does not include the production of a video.​


Video Package #2


1-Minute Video Script & Video Production Including: Video Script written for One promotion, Video using Characters promoting Your Business, & Musical Background. #2 Add-on: using my voiceover additional $297 per finished minute. 


Video Package #3


3-Minute Video Script, Questions, & Shot List Suggestions for a Testimonial or Case Study Promotional for Your Business. Includes: Video Script written for One promotion, Video using characters promoting your business, musical background suggestions, Questions an interviewer might ask your case study to elicit the correct responses needed for your video, Suggested shot list for your director/producer. This package does NOT include video production. #3 Video Production will be at my discretion using characters and musical background with an add-on price of $797. #3 Voiceover add-on will be at the price of $297 per minute. ​

30-Second Commercial Ad Script   

Radio/TV Advertising Script with approximately 35-55 words or about 30-seconds spoken by a voiceover artist.

Add-on $149 for each additional 30-seconds.

Add-on: If you would like me to write the commercial ad and speak the voiceover for this ad, the price is $399 for each 30-seconds of written and spoken commercial work.

Cynthia uses a Rode NT-1A mic in her home studio. ​

Magalog Covers     $599

Have ​a promotion that is already working for you? Do you need to freshen up the cover and get it ready to re-mail? I can do that!

I have working promotions in the Alternative Health field

under Million-dollar copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole

and her Gold CopyCubs.

Ebooks from YOUR Articles

YOUR Copy from an Article: 4-10 Pages into an Ebook. 200-1300 words. Includes Your Cover or I will provide a Cover for Your Ebook from Your Suggestions. All Your Own Writing Only. Will include a picture for your pages.

$149 for 11-15 pages, 1301-1999

$389 for 16-20 pages, 2000-2999

$599 for 21-25 pages, 3000-4000​

I can record a cd or USB flashdrive of your ebook to sell separately or together with the ebook. Check with me for pricing.