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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Commercial Script Copywriter?

When you hear a commercial on the radio or tv, or you read a billboard, these are scripts that pack a punch.  They are short and get quickly to the point forms of copy that a voiceover artist will speak, or you'll read it on a broadcasted ad or billboard. When you only have a few seconds to grab a customer's attention, You'll say it all in one Breath. Cynthia has been Verified by American Writers and Artists, Inc. as a Professional and Proficient Copywriter. 

What is the core of your business?

I am a copywriter that specializes in Commercial Scripts for the Radio/TV/ Online Webinars and Podcasts.  I write B2B, B2C, white papers (e-booklets), case studies, articles, press releases, newsletters, but specialize in scripts for videos and commercial content. I also write in the Christian and general areas of copy. I am a soprano vocalist and a voiceover artist. I'm an award-winning author of a workbook for a person’s walk with God, published 2013, and  e-booklets for Businesses or people wanting to surprise their dinner guests with a 5-star restaurant preparation of an authentic Caesar salad. All available on and my book also on Barnes and Noble. I have a cd of my book (I did the voiceover) on my Author's Page of

Describe your organization.  

 I am a sole proprietor. I have my office in my home. I am fully functional on my computer with Office and Word, or PDF documents. I have my own home studio for voice recordings, and I edit and mail voiceovers in mp3 or wav formats.

What is the size and structure of your organization? 

Because I wear many hats, I have to prioritize my obligations according to how much work a certain business requires. If I am working with a client on a copywriting contract, depending on what is needed, this takes first priority. If I have a church service I am serving that coming Sunday, I’ll pray and work on a sermon, second on the priority list. I also continue my education with online and  on campus courses. These don’t require a lot of time, a few hours a week, and are third on my list. My music singing in choirs and for the veterans are spread out over the year and I give some time to them. It is all voluntary and important to remain busy and involved with community service. Church committees and meetings are held once a month in the evenings. I am busy almost every day with one or another hats. I only will sing or offer a sermon on Sundays. Saturday is reserved for my husband and son, relatives, and fun, unless I’m out of town on business. All of my work is scheduled Monday through Friday.

What solutions/services does your organization offer to your clients?


Depending on what type of copy is required by my clients will determine what service I am writing for them. If I am writing commercial scripts, I focus on what the commercial is about, who am I speaking to? Whether I am writing copy for commercials, or an article, or I am adding my voiceover to a video, I make sure deadlines and objectives are met on time and complete. I will honestly deal with my clients, on time,  to meet the requirements of each contract. It is my bond and responsibility with God that I follow honestly and with integrity for all I am involved in business with. I will always tell a client what I believe I can and cannot do for them. If I think a project is something I can’t handle, I can refer them to another person that works in that field, or allow them to find another. If I don’t believe I can give 100 and 10 percent to a project, I will let my customer know that I can’t take on this project. That being said, it also keeps the door open with that customer to work with me in the future on other projects. I am of the faith that kindness and honesty in business is necessary and my integrity as a business person is paramount. I will never lead a customer on and let them believe that I am able to do something I can’t, but I am always in the process of increasing my knowledge base, and if I can’t do something currently, doesn’t mean that I won’t learn how to do it for the future. This is why continuing education is so important. 

What is your unique selling proposition?

I am not a young woman who is fresh out into the world. I have lived and am living a life of excitement and adventure. I have traveled extensively, and I've lived in many different life circumstances, from homelessness, to opulence. I have lived in a hospital and in a commune. I have been married for thirty years and I am a mother of a successful son who is happily married to a wonderful woman. They live near by our home.  I have had very hard and trying times, and an easy and comfortable life. As a writer, I am capable of putting all of my life’s experiences into a persona of another person and write to them. I am an easy-going conversationalist. I write from my own experience. I know firsthand of the dregs of society, and the rich and famous. The addicts that choose to stay that way, and those that made themselves better human beings. I have seen them all. I know people. I see people. This is my unique selling proposition, my ability to express what a company is selling or needing, and bring it to life in the copy I write. People will identify with my words, because they see themselves, and what they did, or how they reacted. My words live in their minds, and I walk them through the steps to purchase. A young person who is just beginning their journey in life, can only suppose what people did, or imagine how they’ll react. I first lived it myself, so I can write from my own experience, and how to overcome the bad, and make it the best.

Why would a potential client choose you to work with your firm over your competition? 

When people speak to me over the phone, or meet me in person, they hear the hope and the smile I wear on my face. I am the proverbial optimist in a society that truly needs hope. When a person reads my copy, or hears the script copy in a commercial, they fully understand what it is that I set out to convey. I am not sending out a trump card to over take my competitors. I work side by side with them and refer to them when I am unable to perform a project due to lack of my ability in a certain area, or from some time constraints I may have. I won’t take on a project if I can’t give it 100%. My bond with God requires honesty and integrity. I honor that bond.

Any other information you would like to share ? 

People fascinate me. The way they operate in our world today, determines whether or not I will have a working relationship with them. If they are hardworking, upright with mankind in mind, and not out in business to rip people off, then I am game to do my best and give my best work to them. I like people that take a genuine interest in others, whether employee or person on the grocery line. The way those people respond to and with others says a lot about that person. Those that are concerned with the world and the situations we live in daily, and choose to make something better for others as well as themselves: Those are the ones I find myself drawn to and have the most in common with. The ones that hear the music in the air when they walk outside, and see the beauty in something as simple as a leaf or blade of grass. I look to see where God touches the hearts of His people and find the good and glory in it. I like to see a person smile back at me when I smile at them. I like to see people truly enjoying life and all it offers. The people that are grateful for being alive and trying hard to make their life and everyone’s life around them even better. Those are the people I call kindred spirits. Those are the ones that make life better for everyone. Those would be my perfect clients, the ones I call friend.


Betty Glaz

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"Very creative and gets the job done, usually before deadline. I am glad to recommend Cynthia." 

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"Cynthia at Forevermore Online, is a talented vocalist, voiceover artist and copywriter of scripts for tv and radio commercials. As a professional performer myself, I look for other talents in this world to connect with and find a way to bring these other talents along. Cynthia has my recommendation to write copy for all commercial needs. She is a pleasure to work with. please check her out !! thanks, tali icepack jackson"

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Highly Recommended


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"Innovative and highly creative operation."