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Warm Thoughts in Haiku Poetry

When wintry winds howl

Snow covers my quiet town

Glad I'm inside warm.

Some Christian Thoughts:


What is it that differentiates Christians from the Rest of the World?


      I am a part of a trivia team. Every Wednesday, we meet at a local Pizza shop to play a trivia game that makes our minds work and brings up an easy, competitive edge. We eat an antipasti salad, wings, and pizza before the game begins. We are allowed up to eight players on a team and no cell phones, shouting out, or singing. We ignore that last directive; as we sing along with the music the director plays in-between questions. It is a good night out when we win. It’s still a good night out, even if we don’t win. 

      Last night at our friendly competition, the director asked us a question that we missed. Two times during our seven sections of five questions, we are asked separate questions. Each is a five-point bonus question. If you choose to answer the question, you risk gaining or losing five points. We thought we were able to answer and turned in our answer.

     The question: What is never the same in identical twins? 

     Well, let’s think about this for a minute: Twins have different first names, then one of our team mentions George Forman and his boys all named George. Okay, that is not the answer. I mentioned that they are not born at the same time. Good, the group agrees that it’s the truth. Even fraternal twins are born at different times. We turned in our answer. We were wrong. 

     The question should have been a little more specific on a physical trait because the answer was the twins have different fingerprints. Duh, of course, it is fingerprints. We were right, but not right with the answer the director wanted. We Lost the five points. We didn’t win last night.

     What does this have to do with a Christian article? Not much, except to segue into my question at the beginning of this article. There are many right answers to some of life’s questions, but only one that the director of the game of life is looking for us to answer.

     What is it that differentiates the rest of the world from Christians? It’s these questions that require us all to answer correctly: 

· Do You Believe that Jesus is the Son of God? 

· That Jesus was divinely conceived and born of the Virgin Mary? 

· That Jesus suffered under Pontius Pilate, who ruled Jesus was to be crucified on a Cross?

·  Where Jesus died and was buried in a borrowed grave? 

· On the Third Day, Jesus rose from the dead, ascended into Heaven, 

  and is seated at the Right Hand of God? 

· And that Jesus Will Come AGAIN? 

     If You can think about these questions and answer in your heart and mind that you DO Believe, then you have answered correctly. And you win much more than the five points; you win the forgiveness of your sins, and Eternal Life when you die. That sure beats pizza and wings any day. 

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What if you woke up in the middle of the night with this once in a lifetime idea? Where would you turn?


Sample B2B Article

What's Up? Why Are You Still Awake? by Cynthia Saarie


It’s three in the morning and you are still awake. What’s up with your mind that you can’t relax and get some much-needed shuteye?

Identify the Problem.

This is the easiest to start, you are awake and know you should be sleeping. The obvious answer may be the hardest to get past. To make matters worse, you have something pressing to accomplish in the morning and need to be at your best. But, here you lay awake in bed.

There are Steps You Should Take Before You Attempt to Sleep.

Three days ago, your boss gave you the assignment to be ready to give a presentation on Friday. You had the materials done months ago, your only assignment was to write down what you would say during your part in the presentation. You sat for hours staring at your computer screen. The words you wrote were fine, you didn’t think it would be a horrible presentation, yet you check and re-check the speech.

Problem: Your self-doubt and anxiety.

You are the correct person for this job. You were hired because you had the knowledge and experience to complete tasks set before you on time, and efficiently. You know you are more than capable to do the work, and that it is not beyond you to accomplish, and complete this job. Stop self-doubting your abilities. Easier said than done? Fine. Then let’s review…

  • You were the one hired for this job.
  • Your boss knows the work you are capable of completing.
  • You have the knowledge and the experience in completing this task.
  • Your boss knows you will do a good job presenting, or you would not have been asked.

Do not allow yourself to continue to criticize yourself and your abilities. Not everyone can deliver a presentation. If they all were able to do so, someone else could have been asked. Your boss asked you. This boss believes in your ability, you should, too.

Problem: You had a cocktail after dinner.

When you are preparing to give a presentation or any event where you must be at the top of your game, you shouldn’t drink alcohol or caffeine. The American Sleep Association has determined to have one drink before sleeping results in Alpha Brainwave activity. The Alpha brain waves happen when a person is awake. These brain waves are in metabolic break mode, awake, but in the resting phase. They are keeping your mind active. There should only be Delta waves during sleep, the regeneration and restorative phase. Caffeine is a stimulant and should also be avoided. The same could be said for nicotine and sugary sodas.

Solution: You Exercised Today.

You went to the Gym today. That is a great activity any day, but especially on days when getting a good night’s sleep is essential. Exercise uses your excess energy stores and makes your body look forward to resting. People who exert energy during strenuous exercise tend to sleep soundly and for more restorative healing powers. It results in better alertness and feeling like you are on top of your circumstances.

Solution: You had Sex.

As with exercise, sex, where orgasm is achieved, is relaxing at night, but energizing in the morning. The exertion and release of endorphins will bring a sense of calmness and lull you into a deep sleep.

Solution: You Prayed.

Studies have shown that people who have a faith in an almighty power greater than themselves when in meditative prayer or while practicing yoga, will relax and release the tight hold they have on their consciousness and sleep. Having a faith to lean on when there are matters that trouble the mind will find solace and comfort that they are not handling the troubles alone.

The Best Scenario Could Be…

You went to the gym today. You went to your job and ate a good dinner. You had satisfying sex and didn’t drink after dinner. You fell into a deep relaxing sleep and awoke ready to meet that presentation head-on. You delivered a terrific speech and impressed your boss. Very good! Now is the time to celebrate.

Old fashioned wind up clock.

Old fashioned wind up clock.

Video of Original Poem, "Convicted"

"Convicted" by Cynthia Saarie

Christian Marketing with my original poem. I am also the voiceover artist reading my words. 

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