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About Cynthia Saarie & How Cynthia Can Help YOUR Business

When you watch a video, hear a commercial on the radio or tv, or read a billboard; these are scripted directions and text that pack a punch.  Videos use Commercial Scriptwriters to build the text needed to promote products or inform audiences. They usually are short and get quickly to the point forms of copy that directs a video, or a voiceover artist, or you’ll read on a broadcasted ad or billboard. When you only have a few seconds to grab a customer’s attention you need a professional script to move the action along.

I am a copywriter that specializes in B2B copywriting for Businesses, and B2C copywriting for businesses that sell products and services to consumers. White Papers, Sales Enablement Tools, Direct Sales Response copy including Sales Letters and Email campaigns. Do you need Commercial Scripts for Video/PowerPoint Presentations/Radio/TV/Online Webinars, and Podcasts?    I write B2B, B2C, white papers, e-booklets, case studies, articles, press releases, newsletters, but specialize in scripts for videos and commercial content. 

I write in Christian/Religious and General areas of copy. I will consider a spec assignment depending on the assignment.

I am a sole freelance proprietor. I have my office in my home. I am fully functional on my computer with Office/Word, Excel, Google Docs, or PDF documents. I have a home studio for voice recordings, and I edit videos with Camtasia, and mail voiceovers in mp3 or wav formats, videos in mp4’s.

When people speak to me over the phone or meet me in person, they hear the hope and the smile I wear on my face. I am the proverbial optimist in a society that truly needs hope. When a person reads my copy or hears the script copy in a commercial, they fully understand what it is that I set out to convey.

I am not sending out a ace card to overtake my competitors. I work side by side with them and refer to them when I am unable to perform a project due to a lack of my ability in a certain area, or from some time constraints I may have. I won’t take on a project if I can’t give it 110%. 

My bond with God requires honesty and integrity. I honor that bond.

I am not a young woman who is fresh out into the world. I have lived and am living a life of excitement and adventure. I have traveled extensively, and I’ve lived in many different life circumstances. I have been married for thirty+ years, and I’m the mother of a successful son who is happily married to a wonderful woman. I have had very hard and trying times, and an easy and comfortable life. 

As a writer, I am capable of putting all of my life’s experiences into the persona of another person and write to them. I’m an easy-going conversationalist, writing from my own experience. I know firsthand of the dregs of society, and the lives of the rich and famous.  

This is my unique selling proposition, my ability to express what a company is selling or needing and bring it to life in the copy I write. People will identify with my words, because they see themselves, and what they did, or how they reacted. My words live in their minds, and I walk them through the steps to purchase. 

A young person who is just beginning their journey in life can only suppose what people did or imagine how they’ll react. I first lived it myself, so I can write from my own experience, and how to overcome the bad, and make it the best.

People fascinate me. The way they operate in our world today determines whether or not I will have a working relationship with them. If they are hardworking, upright with mankind in mind, and not out in business to rip people off, then I am game to do my best and give my best work to them. I like people that take a genuine interest in others, whether employees or persons on the grocery line. The way those people respond to and with others says a lot about that person. Those that are concerned with the world and the situations we live in daily, and choose to make something better for others as well as themselves: Those are the ones I find myself drawn to and have the most in common with. The ones that hear the music in the air when they walk outside and see the beauty in something as simple as a leaf or blade of grass. I look to see where God touches the hearts of His people and find the good and glory in it. I like to see a person smile back at me when I smile at them. I like to see people truly enjoying life and all it offers. The people that are grateful for being alive and trying hard to make their life and everyone’s life around them even better. Those are the people I call kindred spirits. Those are the ones that make life better for everyone. Those would be my perfect clients, the ones I call a friend.

Cynthia is Verified by American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) as a Professional & Proficient Copywriter with Proven Controls & Results.

Cynthia is a Direct Response Certified Copywriter.  AWAI.

Cynthia has a Five-Star Award-Winning book for sale on Amazon.com & BarnesandNoble.com

The Wall of Cynthia's Honors & Awards

Cynthia writes Video & Commercial Scripts for Businesses of Every Size

Cynthia is a member of the Professional Writer’s Alliance, Infinity, & the Circle of Success.

Cynthia is a Verified Sales Enablement Copywriter. Specializing in B2B Battle Cards, PowerPoint Scripts, Cold & Warm Email Scripts, Product Descriptions, & Call Scripts.

American Writers and Artists Institute, AWAI, the premier group of instructors and learning programs available. 

United Methodist Church Certified Lay Minister

Carline Anglade-Cole’s Gold Copy Cubs Mentorship

Cynthia is a Gold Member

Cynthia writes Long & Short Sales Letters for Business – Email & Hard-copy (mailed to homes) formatted letters.

The Mentoress Collective

Cynthia is a member of the Mentoress Collective (Formerly the Titanides) Women’s Writer’s Organization by founder Marcella Allison.

Cynthia’s Audio Logo used at the end of many of her videos.

Women Business Enterprise

Minority & Women Business Enterprises Inc. & Federal Government Registered Business

Cynthia sends out a monthly newsletter & writes short emails and news blasts for business.

AWAI awards Badges for Proficiency & Proven Results in Copywriting.

Verified mastery in White Paper writing for businesses. Do you have a new product, service, or a   ‘how-to’ manual? That’s a white paper, and I can help your business have one ready in 6-8 weeks.


"What People Say...

What some of my clients have to say.

"Enthusiastic & Talented"

"Cynthia Saarie is an enthusiastic and talented voiceover artist, vocalist, and copywriter. She can write a creative script for your video or commercial and voice it as well. I highly recommend Cynthia for her skills, positive attitude, and get-it-done approach."
Walter Ketcham
Founder of AdHub Publishing

"My recommendation to Write Copy"

"Cynthia at Forevermore Online, is a talented vocalist, voiceover artist and copywriter of scripts for tv and radio commercials. As a professional performer myself, I look for other talents in this world to connect with and find a way to bring these other talents along. Cynthia has my recommendation to write copy for all commercial needs. She is a pleasure to work with. Please check her out !! Thanks, Tali Icepack Jackson"
Tali Icepack Jackson
Icepack Jackson & Friends, Music Publishing

"Your Guidance & Design Expertise"

"Cynthia, with your guidance and design expertise -
We have completed: Business Cards - Front lawn signs - Two sizes of notices for community boards - A proper Ad for the "PhoenixTalks.com" - (a monthly circular reaching 1600+ homes.) Mirna and I are confident that "Needles & Threads" will be successful thanks to your fine efforts."


Highly Recommended "EXCELLENT"
Peter Clegg
Founder of ICC Security

"She has the Unique Ability to Connect"

"If you’re ready to take your life and business to higher levels and sustain continuous growth, then you must work with my friend Cynthia. She has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes people’s lives. And, the best thing is that Cynthia comes from the heart and truly cares about making a positive difference in the lives of others! Do yourself a favor and work with Cynthia today! You’ll be grateful you did!"
Noah St. John
Peak Performance Executive Coach

"She was so Responsive"

5 Star Review Reviewed by M. Leakslp This video was produced for Rev. Patricia Cockerham-Turner, commissioned by her daughters, for the launching of her new book. "She was so responsive. She answered every question. She was clear with what she needed from me and made great recommendations. She delivered a high-quality project in a short amount of time which was absolutely amazing. I would definitely hire her services for a future project. I am more than pleased with the project Cynthia created for us."
Daughter of Author, Rev. Patricia Cockerham-Turner

"Very Creative"

"Very creative and gets the job done, usually before deadline. I am glad to recommend Cynthia."
Betty Glaz
Grant Writer

"I Appreciate Her Quick Turn-around Time"

"My name is Angelina Hilton, and I am the founder of Christian Marketing Company. I was in search for guest bloggers who share similar values and Cynthia reached out. I really appreciated her thoroughness, her quick turn around time, and the blog she wrote on SEO . I recommend her services for anyone seeking a high level of professionalism."
Angelina Hilton
Founder of Christian Marketing Company



My Thirty-Second Elevator Speech 

(Thanks to Kevin Rogers, copywriter & coach)

Hi, my name is Cynthia Saarie, and I’m a Video and Commercial Ad Script Copywriter. 

I write the Scripted Text Copy for videos and radio/TV commercials that businesses need to advertise in today’s marketplace.

Commercial script writing captures the attention of the listener or viewer in two heartbeats – before your viewer moves on. 

Most Radio and TV ads are between 6 and 30-seconds long – Video ads are about a minute. That’s why what I do is so important. 

Planned scripts give your whole production crew the directions they need to make Your Ad stand out!

Businesses rely on professional scriptwriters to grab the audience’s attention. I’m the pro that writes the scripts your business needs. 

CynthiaSaarie.com Copywriter